Getting things done, easier than ever.

Getting help around the home or business is just a tap away.

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RUSH – Incoming Job
“I am looking for lawn mowing”
Accept / Deny

RUSH is for everyone.

RUSH’s mission is to make calling for help in any field as easy as requesting a cab on a ridesharing app. With just one tap.

Focus on what's important to you.

Whether it’s a big business or a small creative project at home, RUSH lets you get work done right away without wasting hours contacting people.

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Powered by locals.

Whether it’s getting a local electrician to fix the lights or a local lawn mower to cut your grass, RUSH connects instantly connects you to the most affordable service provider in your area.

How it works

  • Download the app

    Available on Android and iOS.

  • Tap and say what you need

    Describe what you need help with or who you need. Anything from "I need someone to cut my grass" to "event coordinator" will work.

  • Instantly get matched with a service provider

    RUSH will match you with the best provider (based on hourly rates, distance, reviews, etc). You can discuss the details of the job with your provider. If they aren't a good fit, you can cancel for free within 10 minutes!

  • Your provider arrives

    After you discuss job details, your provider will arrive. At this point, billing begins, and you are charged for a minimum of one hour. Get work done, and tap the green check mark to complete the job.

  • Pay how you want

    You can pay for services your way, whether by cash or securely online via e.g. PayPal. Discuss payment terms with your service provider.

Thousands of fields, including...

  • Messenger Service / Pickups / Deliveries
  • Lawn Care
  • Snow Removal
  • Furniture Assembly and Installations
  • General Labor
  • Movers & Moving Help
  • Personal Driver
  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Bartender
  • Plumbing
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Handyman
  • Business & Administrative Services
  • Event Services
  • Personal Shopper


How long does a job last ?

All jobs, no matter how big or small, are billed for a minimum of one hour. You can hire your service provider for as long as you want (or as long as they’re able to work)!

How much does it cost ?

RUSH is free!

Can I request a different PROVIDER ?

Tap the gear icon while in a job. If the provider has already arrived on site, you are billed for the time worked (minimum one hour).

How do I pay for services ?

Securely pay via RUSH Pay by linking a credit card to your account. Your card is never charged without your permission.

Who can I hire ?

Anyone, from your grandma to your neighbor! Joking aside, RUSH lets you hire individuals from thousands of different fields, all available just a tap away.

Where is RUSH available ?

We are currently launching in the Chicago, IL USA market. More cities and countries coming soon!