January Updates

Hey! It’s the RUSH team here with a recap of everything you saw happen in January!

Add your CC later
Now, you can find a RUSHer, discuss the job, and only add your credit card when you feel confident about getting work done. RUSHers never have access to your card. Credit cards are no longer a prerequisite to getting work done on the app.

Redesigned sign up flow
From start to finish, signing up on RUSH to getting help with a job now takes under a minute!

Improved background checks
Safety and security is at the heart of everything that we do. Now, when you hire a new RUSHer for help with a job, you’ll know in real-time as we pre-screen your RUSHer. Within minutes, if we find that your RUSHer is a criminal / sex offender or has a history of drugs or violence, the job is cancelled before it begins.

Way more job calls
RUSHers, you told us that you wanted more job opportunities, so we’ve made massive improvements to our algorithms. Now, you’ll have many more opportunities to take on a job. But, it’s still important to remain competitive in your hourly pricing and reviews.

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