Empowering staffing agencies everywhere.

Need to know who is available to take a shift? Find out instantly – from your customer’s request to a filled shift in under a minute.


Let our patent-pending artificial intelligence (A.I.) handle scheduling.

The era of sending mass texts and emails, responding to phone calls, and manually notifying customers is finally over.

Massively cut down on costs.

Agencies typically stand to save over $120,000* a year by integrating RUSH. Free your call center staff to focus on the more important things. Cut down on human costs by automating scheduling.

* Based on the median calculated savings

Become a RUSH partner.

Our flexible licensing ensures that your agency’s brand is the only thing that your workers and customers see. Optionally, expand your workers’ reach by including them in RUSH’s workforce for revenue share, completely under your brand. Benefit from the ongoing innovation on the RUSH platform.

Fully integrated into your workflow.

We understand that staffing / temp agencies aren’t usually technology companies, so we have a team of engineers who can help integrate RUSH fully into your existing system – at no charge to you.

How it works

  • Tap and say what you need

    Describe what you need help with or who you need. Anything from "I need a nurse to take Wednesday 9AM to 5PM shift for Lurie Children's Hospital" to "need event coordinator available now" will work.

  • Instantly call the right people

    In seconds, our patent-pending A.I. can ring hundreds of people at once (the right people, meaning if you asked for a nurse, it won't ring the cleaning people, for example).

  • Available candidates accept the job

    Multiple candidates can accept a job, but the job is awarded to the "best" candidate. Typically, this will be the candidate that saves you the most money.

  • Data is synced back to your systems

    Our API can communicate to sync worker, shift, and employer information automatically. You can even send emails to your customers automatically, within seconds.

  • No one wants the job? No problem.

    Missed jobs are posted to the in-app Job Board. Workers can browse the Job Board to find work relevant to them and their interests in seconds. With one tap, workers can claim a job.

Automation is at your fingertips.

Enter your email address below and our team will contact you to discuss how RUSH can fit into your workflow. Alternatively, you can also email help@rush.ai for help from real humans.